You Were Right: 'Hollow Knight' Is Incredible


I totally let Hollow Knight pass me by last year. So glad you guys put it back on my radar, picked it up for Switch and I’m LOVING IT!


Obsessively played though Hollow Knight last year on PC and I’m in the middle of a SotN now.

The direct comparison has made me think about Hollow Knight as the only game (I’ve found) that really feels like a modern successor. It’s such a perfect dark adventure, perfectly communicating it’s brooding mood, music, and subtle world building. To me, it feels like a more matured or evolved version of the Castlevania formula.

I backed Bloodstained but every time I see more gameplay I get less excited for it.


After hitting Deepnest and poking around a bit, I went to another corner of the map and ran into Hornet again and got stuck.

I went back toward Dirtmouth and ended up in the Crossroads again…

and they were different. The Infected Crossroads! I hadn’t been spoiled on this, so I was delighted and disgusted. Turns out that area is also excellent for farming Geo, which I did to buy up some charms, a new notch, and the rest of another mask.

Now I’m even more excited to re-explore existing areas as the game goes on.


It’s a real testament to this game’s incredible structure that I’ve not progressed as far in the “main story” as I had when I played in PC, yet I’ve seen so much new stuff already. Just by choosing to explore to the left side of the map rather than to the right.

And I gotta say I’m in love with one particular aspect of the game’s boss design, which is the way they all incorperate time for you to heal into their paturns. It makes the fights feel choreographed like an anime, with moments where both you and the enemy stop and recharge your powers. It pairs with the way healing works so well. And sometimes it’s a puzzle aspect, like the incredibly creepy No Eyes fight, where I figured out that you can always heal uninterupted if you stand at the bottom of the arena. It’s very clever and just another aspect of the incredible ammount of detail put into this game.

I also faught Gorb! I love Gorb. The embodyment of Galaxy Brain.


Only the very early ones, from recollection most of them exploit your heal time - which can be rather frustrating


the trial of the fool will be the end of me


I actually bought this game on PC last year but didn’t start playing until a couple of days ago (I was going to wait until the final dlc, but I guess fomo hit me). The game is incredibly good so far, I love the art and music, and the feeling of wandering into some unknown place and having to find your way back out is something I don’t see a lot these days.

That being said, there are some things that I’m not sure about. While collecting Geo and the tension of bringing it back to safety is enjoyable, I’m not sure how well it fits with the rest of the game, and I wonder if it would be better served by a more Metroid-like way of acquiring items. It’s also a pain that the soul meter stays broken if I die in some far-off cave and decide to explore elsewhere instead, just because I didn’t care to fight my ghost.

Either way, I just got the Dream Nail at 10ish hours in, and I feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface. I rarely have so many places to go at once in a game and it’s simultaneously overwhelming and amazing.


A thing I only recently found out is that there’s a solution to this: buy (or find) a simple key, then head to the right from the surface village. Open that mysterious door, and inside you’ll find a way to recover your geo (and your full soul meter) without doing a corpse run.


Ooh, I actually did find that but didn’t know what to do with it. It does give you a vague hint that it has something to do with soul stuff, but I never actually went there without collecting my ghost first. I wonder how many such cool little things are in the game.


Trial of the Fool is brutal, but a couple of the DLC charms make it a bit more manageable. In particular, Dreamshield, fully-powered Grimmchild, and Unbreakable Strength (the upgraded version of Fragile Strength) really help during the floor-is-lava sections. Dreamshield is pretty easy to get, Grimmchild is a lot harder, and Unbreakable Strength just costs a ton of geo.


I also used the Defender’s Crest and Sharp Shadow so I could continue damaging enemies even when I was just doing evasive maneuvers to stay alive. Very helpful for the airborne bits.


Please at least look up a guide on how long that goes on for before committing yourself to it. The reward is not worth the pain. I spent a couple hours on it to find I was only half way through, then immediately noped away!


Trial of The Fool is where I called it quits on Hollow Knight. I consider myself a fairly competent 2D action player but I could not for the life of me get past it. Still got like 36 hours out of the game and this was around launch before the added DLC and stuff.


So here’s my question: Anyone know a good LP for Hollow Knight? Because everything about this game is up my alley but I have not the time nor the patience for super-hard platformer segements*.

(*don’t tell me “it’s not hard”, i do not want to hear it.)


I think the better way to look at it is that there aren’t really any super challenging platforming sections that are required to finish the game. Not that I can remember, anyway.


I’m afraid that, if content is hidden behind them, then it doesn’t really matter to me if they’re optional or not.


In awe of the size of this land. Absolute unit.


At this point I’ve absolutely balzed past where I was on the PC version, I’ve found absolutely shitloads of stuff and it’s almost unholy how much of it is seemingly optional. This game manages to keep me focused with no direction other than unexplored parts of the map.

And yet, despite having found it on the PC version, I can’t seem to find the entrance to The Hive again. I remember it being accessable from a secret path in the side of the castle wall, with all the Fools dropping from the Colliseum, but I just can’t find it again. I just went to the abyss though so I can pass through those black jets, so I’m gonna explore the part of that area I couldn’t get to before, but I’m pretty certain I never went to The Abyss on PC.

Also it took me absolutely ages to get in to the bulk of fog canyon this time, when I got there pretty early before. Just couldn’t remember the other way in. The multitudes of entraces to every part of the map are brill.


To the right of the tram at Kingdom’s Edge there’s a spike pit with a wall you can break.


I watched Keith Ballard’s LP on YouTube. He played through it blind and did almost everything in the game if not all of it including the DLC stuff. He’s a very soft spoken guy, maybe not super entertaining but that depends on what you’re looking for.