You Were Right: ‘Hollow Knight’ Is Inedible


I mean, it doesn’t have a physical release yet so I don’t know how I thought I was gonna eat it. You live and you learn, I guess.


Some bugs are in fact edible.

though Hollow Knight is so polished that there are hardly any bugs in it to eat anyway.


I’m trying to figure out if you can eat polish but all I can find are articles about pierogi.




This doke is a lie! Hollow Knight is edible, a refined palette for select customers. :smiley:


Wait, if it does have a physical release, aren’t Switch cartridges in fact legendary for tasting terrible? This was the plan all along!


they are delicacies


I would like to order my Manual Grub well done.


Dead Cells has a physical release so I guess that’s just another mark in its favor. I’m sure it will be delicious, too, probably.


do you think the inhabitants of the Hollow Knight universe would consider the video for “Hakuna Matata” unnecessarily cruel and brutal


I’ve eaten toasted hormigas culonas and they’re a delicious snack

Hormigas culonas means “big-assed ant” btw


It is inadvisable to consume electronic data.

It is, however, awesome.


I dunno what you’re talking about. I found my copy slimy yet satisfying.


Resists making a joke about how a beetle knight is technically not inedible.


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