Your Favorite Bad Boys, Girls & Non-Binary Characters


We talk a lot about our favorite persons, more often than not they are “Good Boys” and we love them deeply, but sometimes upon closer inspection we realize they are in fact “Bad”. Who are your favorite “Bad” characters? Do you call them your “Sweet soft sugar plum” as you watch them destroy planets for their own personal gain? Do they have a good intentions but are misguided by constant poor judgement? Do they simply not abide by the rules, wear cool clothes & live in the moment? Or have they done good all their life & slowly but surely become corrupted in some way, shape or form?

I’ll start with everyone’s favorite explodey boy. We like to think he is just a silly & fun loving dork but deep down we all know that he is smiling not because of our presence, but because he has the will & means to blow us to smithereens.

Next up is who I like to call good pants bad boy. He just looks bad in a very good way.

Nier: Automata spoilers follow:

[spoiler]We were rooting for you 9S! You were supposed to be the goodest & softest of boys & you ruined it! You had the shorts, the politeness, the hacking skills & squandered all of them for being a genuinely bad person!


Lastly. Look at this guy. Does he look like a good guy to you? No. You look at the definition of “Bad Boy” in the dictionary & you will find a this exact picture. Johnny Mundo (In Lucha Underground) is a grade A “Bad Boy”.

Please remember when posting we are talking about characters not actual people.

Side Note: I realize most of my choices don’t like to wear shirts which I swear it is pure coincidence. This is a pro shirt zone.


I completely forgot about one of my favorite characters from Fire Emblem! ;_;

There’s so much I loved about this character, from his devotion and faith to the whole living in both worlds of male and female traits.