Your favorite rapper.... on features


Hey I was thinking about this in light of some conversations about Jay-Z and Twista on One Song Only, but thought it diverged enough as a topic to be its own thread yknow.

Who are the rappers that make your face light up every time you see (featuring So-and-so) on the track list? I feel like there are some rappers out there who you may not want a full album of material from, but love to hear 16 bars from them. There are some rappers who do really great solo work, but maybe you think features are where they truly shine.

For me, a few spring to mind. Twista is one where I don’t really need a full album of Twista, but his parts on Cocoa Butter Kisses and Slow Jams make me excited every time.

I think Schoolboy Q has done fantastic solo work, but always seems to approach features as challenges and just does phenomenally every time. I think about Rockabye with Joey Badass, or any time he hangs around with the A$AP Mob.

Who comes to mind for you in this regard? Are there examples outside of rap that I’m just totally not considering?


This Rustie track featuring Danny Brown totally slaps and made me look out for him on other features as well as check out his solo albums:


2 Chainz is one of my favorite rappers going today, and every guest verse of his is such a delight. I’m not good at remembering song lyrics but I can recite practically all of his verse from Mercy from memory.

Conversely, every time I see Kanye as a feature on a song, especially recently, I am just filled with dread. I don’t think I’ve heard a Kanye guest verse in the past 5 years that hasn’t been atrocious.


2nd @ClairvoyantVibes for Danny Brown

But for real Zach De La Rocha is the scene stealer on RTJ2+3. He keeps crushing it and for real needs an album ASAP


This is easy for me. Andre 3000 on any of a number of songs from the past few years. Runner-ups are Mr. MFN Exxquire on Cancer 4 Cure or Jay Electronica on anything other than Control, since Kendrick clearly stole that show.


Danny Brown is good on literally every feature (and also every song, he’s just so good). Other than that, Heems, Open Mike Eagle are just good rappers, gangsta boo had a couple really good features with RTJ and Clipping and Busdriver’s flow is unconventional enough that he stands out on every track he appears on.


Andre’s weird… song/feature/feature song off that Frank Ocean album is magnifique

For me, whenever I think of Bun B, I always think of his features. He has maybe the one good verse on ROYALTY


I mean, speaking of both Bun B and Andre 3K, can we stop to appreciate Intl. Players Anthem for being an all-time classic jam. Your post just inspired me to put it on now. There’s basically never a moment that’s not right for it.

ETA: Yes, Solo (Reprise) is immaculate. His Benz Friends verse is also immaculate. I’m not convinced that Andre 3000 isn’t the best rapper alive, at least based on his guest verses, and tbh I’m not even that big of a fan of his in general.


This is why I show up to funerals with a speaker , so I can soothe the grieving with a dirge of International Players Anthem


Love Migos, but they have not put out a decent album IMO. But gimme ad libbed “lambo” and “ice ice ice” on all the hip hop songs plz.


there is a full fucking album like this that is just sitting in DJ Shadow’s vault cuz Rocha doesnt want to release it and it makes me fucking furious

I suspect the album he did with El-P two years ago will face the same fate and…god damn dude knows how to pick a producer with whom to abandon a fucking album


The video is set in a church IIRC.


2 Chainz and Young Thug are two rappers I tend to prefer in their feature work compared to their solo stuff.


Drake features are always preferable to Drake albums imo

Agreed on 2 Chainz and Migos, though I think Pretty Girls Like Trap Music and Culture 1 are both really good albums.


I can’t help but think of Kendrick’s incredible run of features from 2011 to 2014. Obvs Control but also stealing the show on songs like Nosestalgia and Collard Greens. During those years it was almost guaranteed that a Kendrick’s feature meant a memorable verse.


feat. Pharrell normally means a verse and production which gives him an edge.

feat. Travis Scott means you are about to get very wavy and this song is also going to have great production for some reason.

feat. Bun B normally means you’re going to hear a great southern hip-hop cut.

feat. E-40 means you are either going to have some fun or learn about finance or both on this song and either way it’s going to be great.

feat. Mr Fantastik means you are listening to an MF DOOM album and you are going to want to find more from Mr. Fantastik and then get disappointed when you can’t find anything.

feat. Drake probably means you’re listening to an exciting up-and-coming artist’s hottest song. The downside is you need to listen to Drake on this version.

feat. Ludacris was once very exciting but now he seems like he will do a verse on literally anything.


The only song by Kanye I can still listen to in good concience is Monster. Specifically because of the Nicki Minaj verse.

I’m generally a fan of his features, but the track “Juice” from the new Janelle Monaé album is the only one I don’t like, because of his verse. The entire album is very sex-positive and it sounds like he’s trying to be too, but he gets downright gross and kinkshamy.


I have been thinking about asking this same thing for ages and mine is absolutely Schoolboy Q. That dude has such an intense energy that overwhelms any track he shows up on. A guest verse from him is like a door being blown off its hinges.


He’s one of the strongest parts on Pneumonia and he doesn’t even have a verse. He just ad-libs a little in the back the entire song.


The first time I heard it I was tensing the whole time for him to just fully blow the track up hahaha