Your favorite rapper.... on features


Andre was the person I almost put in the original post, but decided not to because it felt like cheating haha. He’s just so great, especially on features. Not having a album in forever also makes those features feel really special. I think his part on International Players Anthem is my favorite verse ever.


Any song that features Nicki or Kendrick will get a listen from me no matter what, Cardi B will probably be added to that list.


Absolutely Busta Rhymes. I mean, “Scenario”? “Look At Me Now”? Even just this week I’ve listened to him pop up on Westside Gunn’s record with a great verse and made himself right at home dropping a classic on the remix for Anderson .Paak’s “Bubblin”.

In the same way you say you don’t really need a full album of Twista, I don’t know that I need a full album of Busta, but damn if he don’t got a few of the best singles ever and can be counted on to do some damage on a feature.


If you haven’t listened to Sammus she is one the most amazing rappers I’ve heard in recent. She use to do a lot of nerd centric rap but has been branching out, her last album is much more about life then nerd/video game stuff. I saw her live a few months ago and it was the best show I’ve ever been to. Her voice is so incredibly powerful and I’ve never seen someone take complete control of a stage like that before.


Recently it’s been Young Thug. His weird random outbursts of sounds he uses as ad-libs usually add a certain element of hypeness and wackiness to songs. Also his voice is so different that it really stands out on a track with other conventional rap verses.


2 Chainz definitely always has great features. His part on No Problem makes the whole song for me.


These days I can’t help but smile whenever I hear Anderson .Paak’s voice “YES LAWD” it’s way through my speakers regardless of who he might be collaborating with.