Your favorite type of cookie?


Here’s a great cookie that I’ve only see my family make: peanut butter, cross hatched and topped with strawberry/boysenberry/etc. jam (or preserves, if you’re nasty).

Never seen it out in the wild, and not my outright favorite cookie, but dammit the world needs to know about these incredible PB&J cookies.


My absolute favorite is oatmeal chocolate chip. The perfect hybrid of texture and sweetness.


This is a thing that I came here to say.

Gimme that and a glass of milk and all is good in the world.


Let me throw a wrench in here: Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies.


Oatmeal raisin is good, but my favourite is chocolate.

Not chocolate chip (but those are good, too!), I mean a cookie that’s sitting halfway between a sugar cookie and a brownie. Chewy, maybe also has chocolate chips or nuts. Put in a dash of cayenne pepper and you’ve got the perfect cookie.


I love making chocolate sugar cookies but working with cocoa powder can be ridiculously messy haha


Oatmeal Raisin or Snickerdoodle for sure

god snickerdoodles are SO GOOD


I’m boring, chocolate chip cookies are my favorite. Sugar cookies are a close second, though they have to be homemade


My parents divorced when I was two. At the beginning, I would see my dad every second weekend and every wednesday, but once we moved away I saw him less and less. One of the things my dad would do before we left his house would be to bake cookies for us to take home. The cookies were always oatmeal cookies with mini m&ms and sunflower seeds. When I ate those cookies, I was reminded that I had a dad who loved us and was far away from us, but we still got to see in just a short bit.

As I grew up into a preteen/teen and he was more concerned with his remarried life, we grew apart a lot, but I still remembered those cookies from when I was younger.

Now we don’t have the closest relationship, but I do get a chance to have a meal with him several times a year when he’s in town. And as someone who doesn’t really have a lot of positive parental support, that’s seems like enough.


I’m in the industry so I assure you my opinion is totally valid and unbiased. In general, I’d call it a good old, soft chocolate chip because I am a boring human. Check your local grocer’s cookie aisle for three new chocolate chip styles launching soon, if you can Remember.

But if I’m being real, it’s my grandma’s frosted sugar cookies. Don’t know if it’s a family recipe or if she got it out of a book in the 50’s or what, but I can’t believe I’m not diabetic. In recent years, my supply of grandparents has been exhausted and it’s probably been round about a decade since I had those. I need to get that recipe from my parents.


Oreos. Not double-stuffed either, a classic oreo has the perfect cookie/cream ratio. Cookies & Cream flavored things are my favorite. Shakes, cakes, I got some FUDGE recently and that’s pretty baller. I just love this good good cookie combo.


Oh shoot, I forgot that frosted animal crackers are definitively the best cookies (I don’t care they’re called crackers, they’re cookies)

After this, if we’re talking store bough, it’s Double Stuffed Oreos, then anything Keebler


I can’t decide if I want to go with lassy mogs or shortbread cookies

only homemade shortbread cookies count though, store-bought ones are always too dry


Lassy mogs, for sure.


Sugar cookie is my favourite…It is my go to snack…


Chocolate chip cookies are my favourite.