Your favorites from April Fools 2020

It might be a rough time for the prank style humor out there these days, but there have been some fun ones out there and it just feels nice to laugh again.

I just saw the sprite swaps on Pokémon Showdown and died laughing.

Post your favorites from games, around the web, or otherwise!

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Adding screenshots so people can still see tomorrow when it gets changed back.


They replaced every item in Animal Crossing with eggs, which is a fun joke to do for a single day and then change back tomorrow.


They do something like this every year, every year I forget, and it is just a wonderful surprise.

I also really enjoyed the Razbuten (yt essay guy who’s recent series about what gaming is like for a non-gamer has been going around) April Fools vid where his wife reverse-uno-cards him


Dragalia Lost (the Nintendo/Cygames mobile game that is very good) added a Nintendog that you can feed treats, pet and stroke, and take out for a walk with one of your adventurers to play fetch and take pictures with using a simple photo mode.

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Particularly awful April Fools this year, even Nitro Rad’s special felt kind of phoned in compared to last year. However, a Love Live mobage game had a special promotion with the Powerpuff Girls, making the mayor of Townsville the first older man to ever appear in any Love Live property.

The Nancy comic did a nice April Fools joke:


Honestly my favourite is that none of the places I frequent even did a bit, which I appreciated.
I tend to find April 1st inconvenient at best, anxiety inducing at worst.
At the very least games news have shifted toward “what wacky thing can we reveal that we’re making but then actually make it” instead of just trying to trick you every other minute.


Yeah, the most annoying April Fool this year was a bug report on a community forum I am on. Which I’m still not sure (and neither are some of the other people on the forum) is an actual April Fool.


They gave the Mozambique 9 shots in Apex and it was great!

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Haha! oh wow that sounds hilarious! Sad I missed it

Overwatch putting googly eyes on everything with a face



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