Your Favourite Knock-Off Games


I suppose this is a weird thread concept, but, after reading some posts in the introductions thread, I had a strong recollection of a knock-off Pokémon game that I had as a child and was curious to hear from other people if they had similar experiences. When I say ‘knock-off games’, I’m mainly thinking of non-English games being translated and rebranded as famous franchises by bootleggers, but anything that fits under that broad umbrella is interesting to read about nonetheless.

The game that spring to my memory was a game I knew as Pokémon Diamond for the Game Boy Colour that, in Japan, was actually called Keitai Denjuu Telefang 1. All I really remember about it was that you called your monsters using a cell phone and that the translation was poor enough that I could recognise it, even as a kid. I remember liking it well enough, although I’m sure I (without knowing it) encountered plenty of glitches and didn’t fully grasp the systems shown to me. I’ve always been tempted to look into Telefang 1 to see if it’s ever been properly translated (by fans or officially) and to see if it’s any good.

So, what are your experiences with knock-off bootlegs? Any particularly memorable experiences? Anything you, perhaps, liked more than what it was initially knocking off?


I can distinctly remember this kid in my class bringing in the “ultra rare version” of Pokemon that was the bootleg you’re talking about! Don’t really have much else to add beyond that but seeing a Pokemon game that I wasn’t supposed to have access to (as an American), at the peak of Pokemon fandom, was pretty thrilling.


There’s an Overwatch clone called Hero Mission that Kotaku has a little write-up about:

It has, ya know, slightly changed characters like a panda Winston and white Lúcio. But then you have a Star Wars stormtrooper? And Sephiroth? And I mean why wouldn’t you put Sephiroth in your game, right?

Also it’s a mobile shooter. So that’s great.

@robowitch I actually vaguely remember encountering information about Pokémon Diamond. I think I saw it around the time when that image of marill was released and everyone thought it was called “Pikablue.” I think there was a way to Gameshark it in to Red/Blue. I kinda love how Wild West-like the early days of Pokémon were. Probably cause they coincided with the earlier days of the modern internet.


I haven’t seen Pokemon Diamond, but I did recently see Pokemon Uranium on a coworkers phone.


I never dug too deep into those knock off Pokemon games but Pokemon did inspire a lot of games and I did play some of those.

Monster Race was like Pokemon but you’d race your monsters instead of battling and it was pretty good. My favorite though was Medabots. It was a turn based battling game like Pokemon but with robots assembled with parts collected from the robots you defeated.

Both of them were for the Game Boy but I believe a GBA Medabots game came to the US.