Your favourite Plunkbat Duo aka Crowbar & Sickle vs. Thunder & Lightning

  • Crowbar & Sickle is my choice
  • I like Thunder & Lightning
  • I can’t choose! I love them both equally!
  • I’m a monster, I have another favourite duo. (Specify in thread)

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This is a two man battle royale… for our hearts!
On one side we have Giant Bomb’s Alex Navarro and Dan Ryckert aka Thunder and Lightning, and on the other side we have Waypoint’s own father and son duo, Austin “Crowbar” Walker and Patrick “Sickle” Klepek. We have two duos of a plucky socialist and their hapless sidekick. Both with their distinct comedic stylings and ways of dying horrible deaths. Which of the dynamic duos of MURDAH Island has captured your heart?

Alternatively, who do you think will get to chicken dinner first? Neither team has gotten close yet, but as of now both have promised to continue trying.

Why is this on the joke ‘n’ doke board? Let’s face it, this is a pretty dumb thread. Please bring your best throwdowns for this showdown! Team spirit is not only welcomed, it is allowed!


It’s all about Buggy Squad

For real though, Crowbar and Sickle, what a great name.


Crowbar can’t carry his son forever. Thunder and Lightning can walk on their own. Thunder and Lightning win.


it’s great because they are weapons but also tools.


Cosmic Brain: they’re all picked off by a third group.


I love them both, but I think there’s something special about that father/son bond that you just can’t beat. Plus I think C&S’s thirst for MURRRRDAHHHHH will serve them a little better in the long run than T&L’s more survival-y instincts. Survival is key, but ultimately if you want that chicken dinner you need to know how to put some people down for it.


I love them both equally but I am here to debate and discuss the diminutive term “Plunkbat” for this game, which I do not like. I prefer PugBug or the Idle Thumbs community’s term, PUBES (Player Unknown’s Battle Elimination Simulator).


Hey, all! We know this is all in good fun, but we’d encourage folks to remember that we’re talking about four (real) people, several of whom are on the forum, playing up a dynamic for jokes. Bear that in mind and try not to be weird about it!


The car tragedy is still freshly wrenching at my soul.


They don’t call him Dirty Dan Ryckert for nothing.

He will betray Alex Navarro completely by accident, then insist he meant to do it the entire time.


I honestly cannot decide, Dan is a growing force - he gets funnier every time Alex enlightens him to something (also alex looks and feels like i look and feel). Austin is kind of my across the sea fam in a metaphorical sense so he can do whatever he wants and Patrick is the guy out of all of those i would be most likely wanting to make out with.
Can’t we just have them all, maybe? GBxWP All stars?


I find Austin and Patrick’s streams to be funny and endearing, but Dan’s antics of running off to do the most reckless and dangerous thing while Alex plays the straight faced sensible half is the best.
Also helps that Vinny and Jeff is there to help get them into those situations too.
That said I would trust Crowbar and Sickle™ to not gun down two of their teammates due to colour-blindness (presumably).