Your Favourite Waypoint Video #Content


I’m a major fan of Waypoint, I listen to each episode of Waypoint Radio, watched almost the entire 72 hour stream (I was between jobs at the time.) watch all of their shortform content (Guide to Games and their stuff from pilot week), and read a decent chunk of their articles.

HOWEVER! I have a hard time deciding which longer videos to watch, I’m sure Permadeath is great, but i become frozen with indecision when I look at all the videos I /could/ watch.

So I figure, let’s crowd source it! What’s your favourite Video #Content and why?


Permadeath is my personal favorite, but that might change once they stop playing Zelda… Breakfast & Battlegrounds is also proving highly entertaining. I don’t think either require catching up. Just jump in the next go round or watch the latest.


I recently caught up on all the Breakfast & Battlegrounds, and it’s incredible. Patrick and Austin have such great chemistry and PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS (god I cannot believe that name) is a fantastic game to watch others play.


Permadeath and Breakfast and Battlegrounds are both really really good. I’m actually kinda hoping Permadeath Zelda ends soon if only so I can see what the next game could be.