Your gofurnment mandated fursona is past due

Please present your fursona or you will have on assigned to you.


I’m not a furry and so am not an expert of the dos and don’ts of the culture, but this seems to be in poor taste, especially since this thread is classified under jokes and dokes. If you are interested in discussing fursonas, maybe a serious minded thread would be more respectful. Perhaps I’m wrong though?

EDIT: Guess I’m wrong. Carry on.

I am also not a furry though I have at least a paw/foot in the door and my off the cuff thought is that this is fine as long as the jokes are in good taste. Fursonas can be very important to people but even then most people are aware of and embrace the absurdity of it all so as long as this thread is not all “eww furies!” I wouldn’t worry too much

But also I am not an expert in these things per say so if someone more in touch with such things disagrees I would trust them on it

EDIT: Oh and:

Honestly, if I had an anthropomorphized animal I identified with, it’d be a big ol’ saltwater croco

I don’t claim to speak for everyone though and I’m certain some are more personal than others, but speaking as a furry I think generally people can take a little slap on the snout (does that work? iunno) when it comes to the concept of sonas.

As for me, I’m already set:

It’s me in the species and colours of my own cat. (I’d draw a more presentable one but it’s very late right now)


3 guesses as to what my fursona is

A lamp? It’s a lamp, isn’t it?



Okay first a tiny bit of context: once I briefly met Jen Lee at TCAF and bought a copy of her book Garbage Night. When I bought it she signed it and asked me what animal I was. I’m a bigger dude with a bushy beard and without thinking I said “bear” and she laughed and said “makes sense”, so. Here we are. The closest thing I have to a fursona:


this icon is a dnd character technically but honestly? same

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Gators and croco’s unite

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Is it to late to go with whatever this fox is?:


This is a bit of an aside but I envy the fact that cool gator is a D&D character.

I’ve been hankering to run a campaign revolving around nautical bird people who live in tall, open walled buildings for years but 1: my group isn’t into anthropomorphic animals in their games and 2: now that thats a thing in Friends at the Table I feel weird about it.


Leopard shark!

Yes, I’ve thought about this.

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I was briefly in the accidental furry group in the unoffical waypoint table top discord and it lead to these glorious images courtesy of our GM Xiim (I think):


it was great




How can the people trust their government when statistically a bunch of them have to be furries but none of them will admit it?


I would’ve thought your fursona would be RPS’s logo for the Foxer.

to this i say “cowards!!”

and to this i say
don’t let your dreams be dreams


my fursona’s a jackalope because antlers are cool but I definitely don’t suit a stag
no specific design, but fixing that is kinda one of goals for 2019

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