Your gofurnment mandated fursona is past due


How do I got about applying for a fursona?
I’ve joked in the past about being a possum cause they are all just Big Moods, but that was mostly just goofs.

Is that what a fursona is? Looking at an animal and going “oh fuck that’s a MOOD”



forever and always


My fursona is just the Turtle Emoji:


I merely wish to be a turtle and to eat small berries and grass.


So as someone who has never participated in the culture, can I ask how people acquire their fursona? Is it by appreciating the characteristics of the animal, or more of an instinctual feeling of affinity?


my mind immediately went to:


I always wondered the same thing as someone who was in the culture. Eventually I just so annoyed with not having my own art I started looking at adopts and other characters friends had. A good friend had a character reference sheet that super stuck with me, couldn’t believe they hadn’t gotten more art of the character etc. They were fine with me getting art and such so just naturally grew into my fursona.


Actually that is my biblical angel-sona which is a totally different thing


My lack of affinity for any particular animal always felt like a reason to not have a fursona despite having been a huge furry for basically forever. This was a huge mistake. My friend goaded me into finally getting one last year and I just picked red panda based on what I could give a huge floofy tail. Mistake ended, I love my great fursona.


Not while I’m at work. You’ll have to wait.


I wouldn’t say I necessarily identify as a furry but I follow a lot of artists who do and love seeing the art they make. There’s a lot of great art out there though it’s the act of exploring your identity through the fandom that I find really appealing, as someone who has had a lot to process about their identity and feelings of being trans.

I don’t have a specific fursona in mind but if I were to make one I’d lean towards a scalie. Fits with some of the other aesthetics I’ve become attached to while exploring my femme side.


Varies wildly, for some people it’s just an animal they love or feel a certain kind of kinship with, but despite loving dogs, wolves, and deer I picked cats based on my own personality.
Independent, loves to sleep and feel warm, most active when it’s dark, tiny litle petty jerks.
I’ve also just been surrounded by cats all my life so.


Anybody else here check the box at the top of their 1040 to send three of their fursonas to the mandatory fursona fund?


This is my edgelord cyberpunk dog. Don’t bully my boy for how E D G Y he is.


please furries i have to know

what is the term for frog furries

it’s not SCALIE okay they don’t GOT scales

i need your deep wisdom



I do not identify as a furry and this is likely a sloved problem but I suggest “amphy” (pronounced Am-Fee) for amphibious creatures as it sounds cute and reminds me of Ampharos, not an amphibian but certified Good Pokemon.


Alternate terms for furry will never really be a solved problem because so many people don’t care enough to distinguish themselves from the general furry population, so especially for fringe cases like non-scaled amphibians it’s hard to get enough people using one word that it enters common usage. But maybe the frog furry community is out there and they have their word and they’re frustrated that I can’t find it on Google.


this boy absolutely rules thank you for sharing him


I have to assume it’s either “froggers” or maybe “slippery friends”


Thanks! I have a more normal take of him too:


I like him a lot :open_hands: