Your gofurnment mandated fursona is past due


This is my heckin shark named Ellie.


Extremely Danika voice

Damn, she a shark, AND she got feet!


I changed my mind, my fursona would be an alligator snapping turtle.

Big 2019 vibes right there


Oh well if we’re just posting pics of the aminols…

Look at this very good little shark! Look at it’s unique markings. Look at it’s steely gaze and imposing pointed snout. Look at its cuteness.


I kind of want to commission a portrait of a ferret fursona, but I don’t have a solid design idea yet. But ferret is definitely the animal if I ever do officially get a fursona.



An embodiment of my mood for the last year.


hey, fun thing - i have a government assigned fursona because when there was the first big exodus to mastodon i was looking for an instance with a really good moderation policy and found one called

well you might have thought i would have clocked that it was a bit furry and i very very much did not DESPITE THE BIG AWOOING WOLF ON THE HOMEPAGE and it genuinely took several days to wrap my head around that. by which time someone had circulated a random fursona bot, i got tagged, got assigned my gofurnment fursona and some kind soul on the internet drew it for me

so here’s my fursona they’re a cutie


this thread’s been up for around three days, and i’ve only just noticed the pun in the title. :V

though if anyone’s wondering what i’d choose as a fursona, you really shouldn’t. i mean c’mon, Bunny Warlock it’s right there in the name


Are you saying that wizards are animals?


No, but I’d like to suggest druids are furries.


when you’re right you’re right


So what happens if the gofurnment has to assign you a fursona? Do they do the most expedient thing and just go with [legal name] the Hedgehog?


I’m not a furry, but knowing the closeness with Star Fox I would have to assume it would be “Slippies”


this is my guy

my guy’s a bear and came out of the necessity of having a shorthand for drawing myself in diary comics. were I to intentionally design a fursona it’d be like… uhhhh a rat or a possum maybe, or a cat.

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