Your Loyal Dog Is Your Greatest Ally in the Upcoming 'Blair Witch' Game

Twenty years ago, The Blair Witch Project brought the found footage horror genre to the masses. Its first-person, amateur (faux-)documentary style would go on to influence an entire generation of horror creators. That's as true for the world of video games as movies, with first-person horror going from niche (Amnesia, Outlast, Anatomy) to AAA (Alien Isolation, Resident Evil 7, P.T.) over the last decade.

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August 30th, 2019

Millions of players frantically refresh the website “Does The Dog Die?” before purchasing new Blair Witch game


I remember seeing the trailer for this around E3 time and getting fooled so hard thinking it was a new Outlast game. Was surprised yet pleased to find out that it was not.

What Danielle describes here sounds pretty cool, especially the camcorder puzzle element. And I’m interested to see if they can stick the landing on the–combat. Making it so that you’re not completely helpless but also not a killing machine adds a nice touch I think.

P.S. @vehemently you’re a mod now? :open_mouth: neat!

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