Your weapon of choice

When a game has a wide range of weapon choices, which are the ones do you choose to go into battle?
In Dark souls I head to a strength build with a very large sword, Bloodborne for dex build with the katana type weapons. In shooters it depends on the range of the game’s map. Shotguns for close range and rifles for long. Most of my pubg games had me using more scope weapons.

Longswords, straightswords, and katana for games with a melee focus. It’s an aesthetic choice as well as a tactical one for me. For example: while greatswords and ultra greatswords might do tremendous damage in the Dark Souls games… I cannot stand the way they look lol. I think the exception is something like a claymore, which was a real weapon and looks practical. I’m not a fan of like… using an entire dragon’s fang as a club. I have similar problems with Monster Hunter for this reason and usually play sword and shield because of it.

For shooters… I like submachine guns over rifles and will rock an MP5 or a P90 with a suppressor over the standard rifles. Even if it puts me at a disadvantage. I like revolvers and shotguns as a backup because they hit hard.

In tabletop gaming, I want The Very Very Big Sword because that is the aesthetic I go for.

In video games, I am all about having two swords at once if that’s an option. In shooters, I used to rely almost exclusively on smg type things (or, in Okami, rosary beads) where I could just hold down the trigger until I run out of ammo. I still do this, but the new Tomb Raiders and Andromeda have taught me the glory of the shotgun. Basically, combat is usually my least favorite part of a game and I want to hit things as fast as I can to make them go away, and if I can’t do that I want a hole in them.

Melee: I prefer fast and dynamic over powerful. Daggers and light swords that allow quick flurries and sneaky attacks. I love playing dirty: distract enemy, pivot around and attack from the rear. I generally avoid big broadswords and two handed axes and such.

Firearms: High calibre pistols and rifles, mostly. I prefer taking them from a distance, or use a type of adrenalin/bullet time/deadeye or whatever gimmick the game has and do quick headshots up close. I generally dislike spraying guns like shotguns and SMGs. Though I have a weak spot for the double barrelled shotgun in Fallout 4.

It really depends on the game but I found that in multiplayer shooters I tend to reach for guns that lob their explosives. However if that isn’t available I am all about sub machine guns that just spit out bullets as fast as possible.

In most fantasy games depending on the speed of the game & type of combat I’ll either reach for a bow & arrow or a pole weapon. Games like Dragon’s Dogma where I can have more mobility I’ll get the bow while games like Demons Souls & FFXIV I’ll go for that reach.

Stealth games I also tend to go pistols only (although Hitman is the exception to the rule for some reason).

I put a lot of points in speech, but sadly too few games make it meaningful enough.


Bastard sword or any good two hander for Dark Souls. I never really stopped using the saw cleaver in bloodborne, though I would always have the rifle spear equipped to deal the big damage.

As for shooters. I’m a big fan of the CAR sub machine gun in Titanfall 2, but I’ve also been converted to the church of EPG which turns the game into Quake 3. You don’t just aim for the feet, you aim for where the feet are going to be.

In RPGs, I pretty much always play rogues, and I like being the tricky, fast, stabbity sort, so double daggers are my go-to.

In shooters, I like semi-automatic/burst rifles with little recoil, a decently large magazine, and a relatively speedy rate of fire. The BR/DMR from Halo is pretty much my golden standard.

Oh hell yeah! I loved using the Flak Cannon in Unreal Tournament and playing as the Demo Man in TF2.

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Hugging, and if that’s not available, shotguns baybee


Melee: Two handed swords. The claymore from Dark Souls is my favorite, but some of the greatswords are good fun.

Firearms: Machine guns, always. Most games don’t have have a suppression mechanic, but I love having 100-200 rounds to shoot at any given time.

Give me the AK-47 every time!

Not the most accurate or fastest rate of fire but it hits hard, makes a lot of noise and has that sexy wood grain.

In melee I’ll take a spear.

In Monster Hunter I only ever use lances. I won’t even try the others. I also used lances/spears in the Rune Factory games.

I don’t play a lot of games with weapon choices but I guess I like lances.

That wooden “clack” sound is always satisfying when done well.

Before anyone forgets lets not forget the actual best rifle in all video games the M1 Garand.


I love any kind of dual wielding but mostly daggers? Bows are also chill. (I’m rogue trash can you tell).

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Bow and arrow for every situation. something really satisfying about compensating for drop, and having an arrow sticking out of your kill. Also reuseable ammo is a big win.

Even though light and quick is clearly more my style I often end up using big axes and hammers because swords are so boring. I don’t know, I’m hipster trash and, urgh, like, swords are so mainstream, you know.
Depending on the game swinging around a big hammer can be a lot of fun (or, maybe there are one-handed hammers and things, in which case, PERFECT), but it’s about 50/50, sometimes I’m not good enough at the game to competently use a strong, slow weapon, and end up with a sword anyway.
I love spears, but they’re less common.

Bows are good, sometimes, but sometimes I hate them? Very much depends on the game.

I’ve started playing kingdoms of amalur and hey, more games should give you chakram, in my opinions. They frickin rule, I’m having a great time.

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Bows and shortsword/dagger. rogue supremacy.


A good semi-auto rifle is my favorite weapon of choice, and the M1 is my personal GOAT.

I also love railguns or anything that requires a small charge up time.

Melee, I’d rather use my fists or some kind of fist weapons.