You're Right to be Angry at Activision Blizzard, So Let's Talk About It

During a week in which Activision unceremoniously laid off 800 people while simultaneously bragging about record revenue, we find ourselves confused and angry, yet quietly optimistic about the possibility of change. We also explain how economics works. Why pay for a college textbook? You’ve got us! Elsewhere, Patrick, Natalie, Cado, and Rob talk excitedly about the big announcements at Nintendo Direct—Mario Maker 2! Link’s Awakening! Tetris 99! Rune Factory 4!—and wildly speculate about Hollow Knight’s just-announced sequel. Also, is Metro: Exodus any good? Maybe? Why can’t you put the language into Russian? Questions!

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Warren’s Accountable Capitalism Act touches on basically everything talked about in the discussion about shareholders.

The proposal is that 40% of the board would be elected by workers instead of 100% elected by shareholders, puts some limits on executives from buying and selling shares of their own company, and makes big companies adopt a charter that makes them promise responsibility to their customers, employees, and local community instead of just to shareholders.

In all honesty, it probably wouldn’t change things that much, but the blowback from businesses to that bill is huge because it does feel very radical to someone with a mindset where the shareholder is everything.

Just brainstorming something actually radical here, but what if there was a business mutiny law, where government would recognize workers taking control and change the company into a co-op regardless of what the owner wants. It’s nice to dream.


I’m interested to see what their thoughts on Metro are, as someone who played the first mission, to when they finally exodus’d. “Maybe?” is somehow a very apt decription of what i’ve seen so far. I’m really enjoying it, but then again, i played 2033 and Last Light, so i knew what i was getting into.

Excited for the weekly update of: How is Patrick’s daughter like a dog this week?


This is an interesting article on the Activision Blizzard fiasco. A different view of things, that still frames this a bad thing done by the company leadership but in a something of a different way.

I don’t think it’s a sympathetic article, nor should it be, but it’s another interesting layer of looking at how humans get organized into private structures and are divorced from any humanity, and how decisions of those larger structures that may not have anything to do with those humans have extreme consequences on them.

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I’m with Cado that holy shit if you have somehow not been spoiled for Link’s Awakening please play it blind. It’s genuinely a very odd story with a sort of esoteric and somewhat unnerving ending.

I think the comparison to Majora’s Mask is in that similar tone and style of the games. Despite the platform difference between a 2D Zeldo and a 3D Zeldo, there is the sense this is a personal adventure in both stories. We’re not saving Hyrule or the world. It’s a smaller, and I would say more intimate drama going on in both LA and MM. And hell the stakes in LA are even more personal and distant from a grand design.

Which is why I gotta say, I do understand the reticence around the visual style of the remake. It’s not even the tiltshift cartoonyll look in my opinion. It’s the palette. If I were trying to pay homage to the tone of LA, I would not be cranking that brightness to the max like in the trailer. I would be still using colors, but again more in the stylistic realm of MM than ALBW, ya know?

Regardless this is probably the game that’ll make me buy the Switch.

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whispers That’s Lonk.

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I love listening to Rob talking about corporate finance because I live that shit working at the bottom rung of a small finance company and it’s so gratifying to hear someone a) knowing their shit, and b) having the correct take on it.


hey I just wanted to thank Natalie for being willing to ask for more info on the podcasts. where I think a lot of other casts might assume what is known and just keep rolling, Natalie’s willingness to ask and the cast’s willingness to answer has made some topics much less oblique and intimidating for me, and it’s honestly made my listening experience much more engaging and accessible. so i wanted to thank Natalie and everyone at waypoint for that, because it’s something that I really appreciate :+1::v:


My immediate thought for a non-shooter Battle Royale was another Nintendo one: F-Zero 99.