YouTube Channel and Blog sharing post


So many people are creating awesome stuff that never gets seen by anybody, it’s extremely difficult to get yourself out there and noticed. Just wanted to create a post where people could share their personal projects and hopefully people could watch/read and give feedback to otherwise unnoticed content.

Here, I’ll start. I started a YT channel a month or so ago in the hopes of one day getting a job in games media. I do essay style videos about games and topics that are on my mind. Still learning so any feedback is very welcome. Would love to see yours.


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I spend of my free time making mashups for nobody in particular. I’m spread across multiple platforms but my YouTube channel is Currently actual video content is pretty limited but that might change soon if I end up making videos for any songs


I’ve been self-running a gaming site for the last four years, on top of handling Nintendo-related news for Switch Player and Xbox news at the now-defunct What’s Your Tag?.

My primary website is Cheap Boss Attack, which has lately consisted of Vita, PS4, and Switch reviews, as well as a weekly post every Friday where my readers and I share our weekend gaming plans.


You definitely deserve more exposure. Your videos are thoughtful and well-produced.

Mine are neither.


Mate, your mashups are incredible. Just replayed Loot You Madly like 4 times


Fuck me, that is a proper legit gaming site, looks incredible. Wish I had the ability to create that


You some awesome vids, laughed more than I should have at this one Wish I had your subscribers


This is actually a brilliant idea dude, will check everything out in this thread tonight when I get home :blush:

I like to write about games here:

If you like to play games and talk about them in depth with others, come join us at Games Club on Facebook:
We’re currently playing Tales From The Borderlands, episode 5 and entire game discussion is this weekend coming up :blush:


Jesus Christ your site is incredible. Really are talented!


Hey thanks dude! Though I think it’s really just down to the fact that it’s a Squarespace template haha, unfortunately not my work :stuck_out_tongue:

… I guess all those Squarespace ads worked huh