YouTube Has Demonetized One of GamerGate's Biggest Voices

Content Warning: This piece includes references to rape threats.

The YouTube channel of Carl “Sargon of Akkad” Benjamin, one of the loudest anti-feminist voices during GamerGate and a recent UKIP candidate for European Parliament, has been demonetized, according to BuzzFeed. His channel, full of lengthy screeds on political correctness, social justice warriors, and anti-immigration, has nearly a million subscribers.

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One angle from which to approach this (as Patrick has) is to assume that YouTube demonetized his channel because his disgusting comments have drawn more scrutiny as his profile has risen. The one I am thinking about, though, is if YouTube has demonetized him because he’s officially a political candidate.

Is there a history of politicians with YouTube channels, on which they publish their rants or social commentary? If so, is there a history of radical politicians doing this? Further, what about politicians who make gross comments?

I wonder if Google/YouTube is trying to draw a new line here. Maybe they don’t want their platform funding politicians for effectively running their campaign on their platform? Could be wrong, as I don’t know much about YouTube.


Hmm, that’s a really good point… I don’t know of any firm youtube policies about monetized political candidates, and I think I’d honestly be surprised if they had one… (Let’s be honest here, YouTube isn’t forward looking at all, they honestly just seem to be frantically reacting and trying their best to avoid being hated by everyone…)

I wouldn’t be surprised if they took to demonetizing political figures’ channels… (And I think there’s probably a decent rational for not allowing monetization of political figures’ channels). But, honestly, my guess is that since most politicians haven’t been very internet-savy, YouTube just never bothered to give this much thought until now…

In any event, this is honestly some of the best news I heard all week! But I’d love to see some follow-up into why YouTube actually did this and if it represents a new policy on their part…

awaiting all the gamergaters to decry censorship

(and still believe in capitalism anyway lol)

My suspicion is that it became too costly (social capital-wise) to keep running ads on his content but not costly enough to keep him around to funnel viewers to other alt-right shitheads who are still on YouTube via the recommendation algorithm. There’s very little evidence that YouTube does anything for any other reason.