YouTube Says Patreon Links Are Not Banned on YouTube


The company has introduced an extra step it claims will curb “abuse.”

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Still waiting on another site to come along and steal youtube’s lunch money.

Just like we need a Twitter alternative.

And someone to just rip off Vine wholesale.


Talk about changes to creator’s system of support. There still so many fixes Youtube systems need to do to help it creators.


Not the original focus of the article, but I totally check out the description on every video I watch. I do realize that I am not most people, however.

Back on-topic, I think 10,000 total views is a reasonable bar to become a partner. I do imagine this will hurt some of the really small Patreon channels though, which is unfortunate. That said, even I’ve managed to accrue more views than that, and I haven’t put out a video in something like 7 years.


I’m not sure that copying any of these sites would change the underlying economic forces that drive the kinds of decisions they make…


Waypoint is on Twitter, Facebook, Twitch, Discourse and YouTube. Oh, right, they also have a website, I guess.

But, jokes aside, do you guys have a strategy if one of those third-party services goes under or changes something very drastically?


While this might not be an outright ban, it’s absolutely a way of discouraging people from using Patreon without actively coming out and saying it directly. Youtube has made their stance known here, and like a lot of creators on their site are already aware of, Youtube never cared about them. It cared about the money they made with ad revenue.

They’re trying to force users that managed to escape the (increasingly not viable) Youtube ad ecosystem back into it. Maybe even out of desperation? This is not a move you make when your company is doing well. This is something you do when you see Patreon and other crowd-funding options “stealing” your income. They’re striking back. They won’t say that they are, but that’s clearly what’s happening here.

This is only going to get worse for Youtube’s creators, and in the long-term, their viewers too.


Seems to me if YouTube wanted to do this in a smart fair way they simply use a service fee for use and charge based on views. That way creators who want to direct monetize over ad supported could make this choice.

YouTube partners for ad support and YouTube service for non ad support.

This removes the argument that YouTube isn’t getting paid for use of it’s infra while allowing a choice to creators without screwing them over.