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There’s a bunch of good YouTubes and YouTubers out there. Because I’m feeling lazy tonight I’m just gonna throw some out there:

  • Bill Wurtz (audiovideo shitposts)
  • Lindsay Ellis (movie analysis)
  • Every Frame a Painting (movie analysis)
  • Extra Creditz (video games)
  • Folding Ideas (film mostly, but to be honest culture generally)
  • Innuendo Studios (internet culture, video games)
  • Joseph Anderson (video game analysis)
  • Jon Bois (sports)
  • MrBTongue (nerd stuff, mostly video games)
  • Noah Gervais (video games)
  • Pause and Select (anime)
  • PBS Idea Channel (culture generally)
  • Philosophy Tube (philosophy)
  • ProZD (comedy)
  • Shaun and Jen (internet culture)
  • Super Bunnyhop (video games)
  • Super Eyepatch Wolf (anime)
  • Tom Scott (science)

Y’all post some of your favorite YouTube things here


Oh man, on the topic of Every Frame a Painting, Lessons From the Screenplay is also really good.


Matthewmatosis does very good game design analysis.
Digital Foundry is known for their technical deep dives on what’s new, but they also do videos comparing ports of classic games.


Run Button is pretty good for let’s plays. Watch them play all the Sonic games. Austin Walker guests a few times I think (most recently a Witness spoilercast)


Movies with Mikey! Playlist


Yeah! Jon Bois is the best!

Errant Signal is very good for video game critique from a more thematic and mechanical perspective.

Mark Brown makes excellent videos on game design.

Shut Up and Sit Down is a great channel about BOARDGAMES!
(They also make a videogame channel called Cool Ghosts)


Campster’s Errant Signal game analysis show was more or less my gateway into thinking more critically about games. He also was named the Video Essayist of the Year by Critical Distance, another games writing site, so I’d recommend his stuff if you’re interested in thematic views on games.


Oh! kaptainkristian’s video essays on animation, film, sound, and music are very well polished, and a really good use of the video essay as a medium imo. His stuff is nice to look at and has good insight into a lot of different art forms and media platforms (for example, he has a video on the importance of Newgrounds in modern animation).