YouTube Travel Vlogs?

Apologies if this is the wrong forum for this…

I love travelogues in the vein of the few Giant Bomb have done (the most recent being published just yesterday, or better still like those Drew Scanlon has been shooting under his Cloth Map guise.
Come to think of it, Danny O’Dwyer has been doing a great job of shooting travel B-roll for NoClip, but obviously that’s not quite the emphasis of his channel. VICE do a pretty good job too, though again, their emphasis is often on a broader subject or situation that a country faces, rather than the country itself.

They don’t have to be anything fancy, but the host needs to be fairly low key (and ideally knowledgeable, or willing to speak to people that are on-camera), giving a good, open-minded impression of the places they visit. They also don’t have to be remotely related to video games, the examples I’ve cited are just particularly good in terms of the vibe, pacing and production value I’m looking for.

I’ve tried searching YouTube from scratch on this and, well, from the little I’ve seen it’s saturated with glossy, occasionally sponsored or overly promotional pieces placing greater emphasis on Instagram travel than travel in the traditional sense. Help a brother out, does anyone have any recommendations?

Can it be for one place in particular?

I follow Abroad in Japan on youtube, and he’s a pretty wholesome dude when it comes to his time in Japan. He does a few more nerdy focused subjects, like video games, anime, models, etc., but it is definitely not his favorite subject matter.

Not sure if it’s available on YouTube or some other streaming service, but Ellen Page did a pretty great series with VICELAND (staying on brand :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ) called Gaycation which is a travel blog looking at LGBTQ cultures around the world.

Yeah I can second Abroad in Japan. He’s pretty great, though I tend to think of him as “expat vlog” rather than “travel vlog” if that makes any sense (he does, in fact, travel around to see stuff, but he lives there I guess is the distinction I’m making).

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One place in particularly is just fine, particularly if it’s Japan! Subbed. Is his second channel Abroad Perspective worth a look too?

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Ah I’m glad you reminded me of that, have been meaning to watch for a while – thank you.

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Sure! I think it’s a more introspective about him and his personal journey, so there’s probably not much in the way of travel advice.

Where were you looking to go?

It’s not even necessarily that I’m wanting to scope somewhere out before I go, it’s more of an effort to get an insight into countries I wouldn’t think of going to, or that I’d have no idea what to expect if I were to go. America and Central Europe are fairly known quantities, you know what to expect in France, Spain or Italy, for example, but somewhere like, I don’t know, Slovenia? No idea. Can’t even picture the typical landscape, which seems fucked up to me.

I’ve always wanted to go to Mongolia. Disconnect for a week, live in one of those tent things, and ride horses/drive motorcycles on the steppe. I’m fascinated with Mongol history, and would like to see the country, get some reading done, and just chill on a big open, quiet field of nothing.

I looked into it, and MAN it seems like a lot of people have the same idea. Yurts are really expensive to rent over there. I guess tourism makes up a good part of their economy.

Hey, my partner showed me a few videos by this guy, Mark Wiens, who is basically a world food tourist. He’s very enthusiastic, kind, and open-minded. He seems to have had a lot of experience living in different countries already (in a Thailand video he says he lived on a street they visit at one point), so it doesn’t have the usual feel of “white guy gets shown local delicacy and is startled and grossed out by it”. He just goes whole-hog into every eating experience. As an aside, he’s also very good at describing food!

I don’t normally watch this kind of stuff at all, but was decidedly engrossed by his videos. He gets a local to be his guide, and makes an earnest effort to learn as much as he can. Production is very simple - he just holds a (extremely good) point-and-shoot camera to record the videos. Again, it’s mostly about food, but I feel that food is one of the best windows into any culture, so might be worth checking out.

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