YouTube Walkout - Dec 10th-13th

Hey all,

Starting tonight, many Youtubers will be staging a walkout in protest of Youtube’s new terms, which threaten any channel with deletion if Youtube determines them to be no longer “commercially viable”; as well as their handling of their recent agreement with the FTC over Youtube’s COPPA violation. These new policies are especially worrisome for LGBTQ+ and visible minorities creators who have all seen unexplained demonetization from Youtube in the past. Creators are asking viewers to not upload, view, or share Youtube videos from Dec 10-13. Please see the links below for more info: (Do not click from Dec 10-13)

In order to show solidarity with the Youtubers who are walking out, we request that our members refrain from posting links to Youtube anywhere on the forums for the duration of the walkout. Since the organizers did not specify exact times or time zones, we have decided that we will be observing the walkout as a community from Dec 10th at 12:01am EST until Dec 13th at 11:59pm EST. The mods will delete any Youtube links that are posted during this time. If you see someone post a Youtube link and it has not been deleted, please gently point them in the direction of this announcement, as they may not know about the walkout and the mods cannot be everywhere at all times. You can have an even bigger impact by sharing this in other places to help spread awareness.

(Note: the above video indicates different dates (Dec 14-17) for the UK. We could not find any solid information on why the dates were different for the UK. We feel that overall the collective action will be more effective if it takes place on the same days globally, and we also have no way to enforce location-specific dates. However we thought it was important to share this information for those who are in the UK and who would like to continue to support the walkout through the 17th.)

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Thank you,
-Waypoint Mod Team :fist:


I would think the UK is doing it later because they have an election on the 12th, and it may be important to share information, remind people to vote, etc. on the days leading up to and of the election.