YouTuber Boogie2988 Has Warrant for His Arrest Related to September Shooting Incident

The YouTuber Boogie2988 has a warrant out for his arrest, following an incident where he fired a gun in the air last year.

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This is one of those stories where everyone involved seems like an asshole. Hassle sounds like a completely awful person, but confronting him with a gun and then shooting into the air to scare him off? Come on, dude. Just go inside and lock your door.

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I feel like we’re this close to YouTubers’ own videos being used in evidence against them at trial. As misguided as that would be, making a video saying ‘Yeah I shot at the guy, don’t come to my house’ was maybe the dumbest thing you could have done next.

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I feel like I keep finding out that youtubers are strapped. This is not the first time I’ve discovered a youtuber had a gun.

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Yikes! Yikes on bikes! In general I wouldn’t trust the average gaming YouTuber with anything more dangerous than a slightly large spoon

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Wasn’t it just last year some twitch streamer got drunk and shot his computer/monitor on stream because he thought it was empty…

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This is in no way intended to justify Boogie’s actions or advocate for the ownership or use of firearms, however…

… have you ever been stalked? You ever had someone harass you by coming to your home? “Just go inside and lock your door” is such tone-deaf advice that, as someone who HAS been in situations like these, just feels offensive. I absolutely understand the impulse to defend yourself against someone who has decided to bring their harassment to your doorstep.

Firing a gun into the air in a populated area is always a stupid and reckless thing to do. He clearly judged that Hassle wasn’t enough of a threat to justify shooting at him, so instead he fires off in a random direction where he doesn’t know who or what is going to end up taking the bullet? That’s not an instinctive reaction, that’s a conscious decision to do something that endangers bystanders.


I understand that and agree with you.

As I specified, I took issue with your phrase “Just go inside and lock your door”.

Please try to understand how dismissive that phrase came across.

Can we please have a moment to appreciate Boogie’s dumb ass hand cannon? Is that a. 357 held one-handed by a youtuber? The man is lucky he didn’t break his wrist.

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Two things.

I’ve one handed a .44 magnum. A revolver has less kickback than you’d think because it has no action on it so there isn’t a big ass hunk of metal flying back to chamber the next round. All of this was done years ago at a range and the 2A should be buried at sea so no one knows where to mourn it.

Second, I’ve never had anyone stalk me directly, but I have had to help people personally and professionally who were and that shit is both terrifying and completely possible to understand as an outsider. I have had to literally help people I know and care about make arrangements from half a country away to leave and find a new place, and I will still personally never understand it because I’m just a fringe player to the whole thing. I don’t understand what it’s like to be a victim other than the abstract and I definitely don’t understand what it’s like to be the perpetrator. I have never been obsessive or possessive in that sense, I’ve always been the one to just let things go because it’s not worth my time and energy. It’s scary the amount of their own life that a stalker is willing to give to someone else.


That’s interesting to hear. I’ve seen a lot of videos of absolute geniuses firing large calibre revolvers one-handed and almost splitting their lips as the barrel does a 180. I’ve never fired one myself and there’s a reason those videos make the rounds. That picture of Boogie brandishing it in that Tomb Raider is inexplicably hilarious to me nonetheless.

I am many things, but a man with large hands or impressive grip strength are not among them. The revolver I shot was comically huge, so I’m sure having a metric ton of stationary metal helps with keeping the thing in place, but I also got a D in high school physics so what do I know? I expected the thing to fly back and hit me in the face and knock a few teeth out and it was surprisingly manageable, I certainly didn’t start out using only one hand.

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This is true! I’m simplifying it but it’s Newton’a third law — basically when you have a system propel something forward, it needs to also have an equal reaction in the opposite direction. This means the momentum of the bullet and the momentum of the gun need to equal each other in opposite directions. Momentum is mass times velocity, so the more massive the gun the lower velocity (recoil) it’s going to have coming back at you. Big-ass guns will tend to have less recoil than smaller ones, which is why pistols always surprise people with how much recoil they have.

The Noisy Cricket from Men in Black is an accurate example of this.

(Sorry I know this is a serious thread but I don’t get a chance to drop physics knowledge very often.)


I was no fan of Boogie2988 as a Youtuber, he seemed to say a whole lot about nothing at all. It seemed like he has a lot of issues and probably shouldn’t have a youtube platform, as it was only exacerbating his problems further. I’d agree we’re not far away from Youtubers gunning each other down live on Youtube.