You've heard of alekhine's gun


but what if chess had actual gun’s?


“goblin” i hear you ask “is it the players or the pieces that have gun’s” and to this i answer “yes”


in speed chess, would the chess clock have a gun


can ur piece fire while it’s still in the barrel of your gun? or is that illegal in hsc (high speed chess)


how will you get the horsey to shoot in an l-shape


you make the bullet curve like in the moving pictures.


excited for my queen to get some sick frags. follow me on twitch for more competitive chess laddering.


i really thought alekhine’s gun was a chess opening when i read this lol


maybe we’d finally get the best wikipedia article back


Knight to C4
Knight, detonate C4


Yes and you have to make your move and stop the clock before it runs out and shoots the gun at you. It’s on a pretty short clock and the game continues after someone’s been shot so you got be ready to move those pieces with possibly several 9mm rounds* in your arms and torso.

*As per the rules of European speed gun chess. As we all know, the US Speed Gun Chess Association controversially decided to go with the more lethal .45 ACP for it’s speed gun chess matches.


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