YoYo Games, the makers of Gamemaker, have added an arbitration clause to their EULA

On Tuesday an email went out that had the following in it

That f bullet point (which one can only imagine stands for fuck you) is in regards to their arbitration clause they have added to the EULA (section 12) that everyone using Gamemaker must agree to.

If anyone has suggestions for alternative 2D engines for those looking to rightfully jump ship please share :heartfull:

Personally, I would like to recommend the Godot engine that is 100% open source and licensed under MIT.


It’s BS. I love working with gamemaker. It’s a great program that I’ve been using for probably 15+ years now. Not to say it’s perfect, but it works well enough and I don’t want to learn a new program. All the stuff like this and not having an offline mode is fucking trash.

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The only thing I have to add to this conversation is to say screw that. It’s bad enough to have that from the ground up, even worse for you to slip it into something people use everyday.

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Worth noting that Unity already has an arbitration clause in their TOS.

Godot seems to be gaining momentum, and it’s great to have a relatively easy game-making toolkit that’s Just Free. I’ve been playing with it lately and it’s cool and fun, but without direct experience with Game Maker I can’t really compare the two.

Godot is a pretty big paradigm shift from Gamemaker, but it has a decent community and good documentation (not nearly as much as Gamemaker, since it hasn’t been around as long)