Yu-Gi-Oh and spin-offs thread

Figured I’d throw this thread up considering VRAINS premieres in Japan next week (here’s a new trailer!). I fell off of Arc-V about a third of the way through due to real life, so I’m hoping this one gets off on the right foot and catches my interest.

What’s your favorite Yu-Gi-Oh series? Favorite decks and duels?

Hell yeah, all here for that Yu-Gi-Oh! hype! Even from its humble beginnings as a lawless and uncaring game world, Yu-Gi-Oh! is my favorite long-running shonen series. I’m very excited for VRAINS and also for Link Summoning as a way of completely restructuring the game as a whole.

My favorite series in total is probably Arc-V, but Dark Side of Dimensions made me remember how much attachment I have to the original series cast.

As far as decks go, ever since they got new support last year I’ve been all about Trains, though Kaiju decks have been fun as a gimmick. The easier a deck is to play, the happier I am.

And with favorite duels, as much as I disliked ZeXal, the Duel Coaster was very good. Other choice duels that come to mind are Yusei vs the Prison Warden from 5D’s, the Zero Turn Kill in GX, and Yugi vs the King of Atlantis from Duel Monsters.

Yu-Gi-Oh! is one of the only fandoms that’s really stuck with me for years; even Harry Potter has really waned in interest with new additions to the series, Pottermore and whatnot. But even though I don’t love every new series, I haven’t lost interest in Yu-Gi-Oh! at all.

Duel Monsters and 5D’s are my favourites, and all of my favourite duels are from those as well. I’m quite fond of the duel between Joey and Marik, and the first duel between Yami Yugi and Rafael. Even though half of the conflict of the Atlantis season wouldn’t have happened if Yami Yugi just… accepted a loss without using the Orichalcos card. I also think the final duel between Jack and Yusei is great, both an exciting duel and one of the more heartwarming ones.

Favourite deck has to be Bakura’s from Battle City.

My favorite series in total is probably Arc-V

As someone who fell off Arc-V around the time the Synchro arc started, do you think it’s worth trying to finish at some point? Without getting into spoilers, I know what happens at the end but not how, and the reactions I saw to said ending were pretty mixed.

My Yu-Gi-Oh head-cannon is now entirely comprised of Little Kuriboh’s Abridged Series.

I think has the best comedic timing in the myriad crappy of abridged series clones (expertly lampooned by Little Kuriboh in the later Naruto spoof series), with the caveat of anything made about 10 years ago that the jokes can sometimes be questionable.

It’s hard to say, since I feel like Synchro Arc is when the story finally started to become more serious and pointing towards a real narrative, and it seems like that’s when a lot of people started to drop off. I think the story as a whole pays off well on things that have been hinted at throughout the series, and while the Big Bad encounter wasn’t my favorite, I was charmed by the finale because I loved the cast of the show.
I think if you ended right at the start of Synchro, you could give it some episodes to see if you’re enjoying the tone change and decide from there. Plus there are some good duels to be had in the Synchro tournament arc what with the return of motorcycle duels. Thankfully Crunchyroll finally picked up the series and there’s a legal way to watch most if not all of it at this point.

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