Zelda BotW: Did Link and Mipha do it?


Let’s settle this once and for all [poll type=multiple min=1 max=1]

  • Yes they did
  • Link only has eyes for Sharkboy
  • Link only has eyes for Zelda
  • Link is fricking everybody


Does Link fuck?
Might as well throw in: Does Sharkboy have the best teeth ever presented in a video game?




it’s link X kass til the end of time

sword boy and accordion bird, ride or die


However, Link is volcel


i would argue that living in a neon fishtank for 100 years is not a voluntary act

by no fault of his own he is incel


link is 1,000% volcel, if Straight.

but absoluuuuuutely Sidon otherwise


BotW link has been already been claimed by we the gays. You are welcome to whatever headcanon u can muster but.


I object that this isn’t tagged shitpost.


link is cripplingly volcel


there’s no way mipha had the guts to do more than timidly say “maybe there’s someone I like” and there’s no way link could even figure out what sex is without a lot of help, so this ship was always doomed, in my imho


Yes a 1000 times yes!!!


I think we are all jumping the gun here. how do Zora even copulate? are they mammals? do they even give live birth? they don’t appear to have primary sexual characteristics that we would recognize as mammalian nor do they seem to be set up for breastfeeding. we also know that they sleep floating in communal pools my theory is that they lay their eggs in the water and fertilize them externally like most fish do.

And yes, Goron reproduction is an even bigger mystery.


why is nobody considering lonely archer girl’s role in all of this, gosh